07.31.08: riad meriem, marrakesh

2 08 2008

we landed this morning at around noon.

we’re staying at the riad meriem, an 8-room riad in the oldest section of the medina. the medina is foot, bike, moped and donkey traffic — no cars on these windy, cobbled streets.

the riad is quite stunning. it’s located off of the street azbezt on dar el kabi, a narrow alleyway that i wouldn’t trek down if it were in nyc. but this is morocco, and some standards simply don’t apply. it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself in a dark, seemingly empty alleyway in the medina. thankfully, the city is pretty safe.

that said, the riad is pretty cool. it was designed by thomas hays, an nyc-based designer a couple of years ago. tonight we’re staying in the star room. for the rest of the trip, we’ll be in the red room, which has its own terrace.

okay. onto the reason why i travel: the food.

our first meal in morocco was prepared by the riad’s private chef. again, since this is a small hotel, meals outside of breakfast are usually ordered a day in advance so that the staff can pick up enough supplies during their morning market run.

najett whipped up a simple, but satisfying kefte with a chopped tomato, onion, and pepper salad. our meals on the flight were pretty lackluster (no shock) so we plowed through all 8 skewers.

after a short catnap, i explored the riad. the roof terrace has a couple of tented areas set aside for breakfast and sunset drinks. for me, the coolest part of the roof was the plants: jasmine, pomegranates, bougainvillea, and olive trees. pretty cool. . .

i’ll add pics later.  my wireless here is good, but slow on the upload.  time to grab a glass of wine downstairs before heading out to dinner at djemma el fnaa.




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