holy shit. it’s the watchmen trailer!

21 07 2008

i love alan moore’s watchmen.  i love it so much that i want this movie to blow, really suck so bad that it proves that some graphic novels really shouldn’t be made into films.

the watchmen trailer was one of the previews for the dark knight.  

holy shit.

two words: dr. manhattan.  from the transformation scene to dr. manhattan as weapon to creator of the castle on mars, i think zack snyder nailed it?

i’m still not feeling matthew goode as adrian veidt/ozymandias.  he seems like too much of weenie — he’s been a cuckold (match point), a wussy (some movie with mandy moore), and he’s doing brideshead revisited.  somebody bring me a crumpet.

but this trailer.  holy shit.  




One response

22 07 2008

More stupid british garbage trying to copy the Americans. Stupid british. hahaha

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