i think i ate an endangered species.

3 01 2008

that porky-tasting fish that we bought at the market, had cooked up three different ways and devoured ravenously? if indeed it was the giant mekong catfish, i think i might have eaten a creature off the endangered species list.

the giant mekong catfish is one of the largest (if not the largest) species of freshwater fish. it’s come under threat because of overfishing, declining water quality, damming, you name it. the numbers of the fish are dwindling.

the largest one ever found was reeled in by a thai fisherman. weighing in at almost 650 lbs., the villagers tried to keep it alive, but it died. so they ate it.

can’t say i blame ’em.




One response

17 10 2008

This man was camping alone and became lost. After three days without food he finally seized, killed, and ate an American Bald Eagle. Almost immediately, the park ranger found the man and arrested him for killing an endangered species. At trial the man pleaded, “Your honor – I was lost, alone, starving and about to die. I didn’t want to eat an endangered species, but MY survival depended upon it.” “I understand,” said the judge, “Not guilty!” After the trial the judge asked the man, “By the way, how did the eagles taste?” “Delicious,” replied the man, “sort of like a cross between whooping crane and spotted owl.”

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