the golden triangle: roughing it.

21 12 2007

we’ve left the crowds, the chaos and the pollution of bangkok for the serene beauty of the golden triangle.

chiang rai is an hour long flight to the north of bangkok. our camp is about an hour and a half away in the golden triangle — an hour and twenty by car then we got on a beautiful teak longtail boat that took us up the ruak river to our campsite. burma is literally a sneeze away!




we arrived at the landing for the bar and restaurant where we were greeted with fresh coconut water and presented with our itinerary for the four days that we’re here.



fresh coconut water

after lunch, the camp guide took us on a tour of the campgrounds. the camp is in a bamboo forest — fifteen tents are nestled into the hillside; many of them have pretty views of the river. since we’re not really in deep jungle, we don’t have to worry about poisonous snakes or wild cats, bears, dogs, wolves, etc.

our tent is tent 15: the elephant tent. we’re actually right next to the elephant camp. our patio looks down into the elephants’ pool and the trails.

tent 15






as you can tell from the pics, life is rough. i’m not sure how we’re going to survive. . .




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