bangkok: wat phra kaeo

18 12 2007

wat phra kaeo is pretty cool. it’s the temple, or wat, located next to the grand palace. it’s also known as the temple of the emerald buddha. everything is gleaming, shiny gold and bursting with color.

i’m a little bummed that we didn’t hire a guide to explain all of the details of the temple, but we made up for it by sneaking into other people’s hired tours. . .

wat phra kaeofirst steps into wat phra kaeo

roofs against the skytemple skyline

there are demons everywhere, but these are the good ones that protect the temple.

demonsprotector demons

face of a demonclose-up of demon’s face

protector demongigantic protector demon at a gate

oddly, there’s a model of angkor wat on one of the temple terraces. . .

miniature of angkor wat

miniature of angkor wat

in the halls that wrap around the temple grounds, there are painted panels of the ramayana, or ramakien as it’s called in thailand. the story comes to life in 182 (i think. again, we were eavesdropping) panels.



demon protecting the temple of the emerald buddha

after all of this exploring, we finally make it to the emerald buddha. we removed our shoes and placed them on the racks and made our way inside:

detail of pillardetail of a pillar outside of the temple of the emerald buddha

detail of temple of the emerald buddha rooftopunderside of the temple roof

emerald buddhafinally, the emerald buddha

more pics of wat phra kaeo and bangkok posted on flickr.




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