en route: updated with pics

16 12 2007

brian and i are in narita airport in tokyo waiting for our flight to bangkok.

the 14 hour flight from nyc to tokyo wasn’t bad — the upgrade to biz class came through. thank god! eileen and i flew to paris on american airlines in economy and it was probably the tightest seat space i’d ever seen.

we grabbed a snack at a small cafeteria — some omelette with fried rice topped with a brown gravy and some baked rice balls. all in all, not too bad, even if the omelette looked kind of barfy. i’ll post pics later and you can see what i mean.

the leg from tokyo to bangkok is about 7 hours. i’m totally sleeping in tomorrow.


barfy looking omeletteblech!

baked rice ballsrice balls!




One response

18 12 2007

according to brian, the blechy-looking omelette wasn’t awful. it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the worst thing ever. . .

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