real deal southern italian.

23 11 2007

today was a lazy day. in between episodes of “the office uk” and “rich bride, poor bride,” i managed to read the meat chapter of beard on food. i think it inspired me to get up and cook.

there’s a bag of fregula sarda that’s been in my pantry for a couple of months. tonight would be the night that i’d cook it up.

i decided that tonight i was going to make southern italian. not the “douse everything in red sauce and shellac it with melted cheese” kind of italian, but real deal simple, southern italian food. i found a recipe for clams and fregula sarda online. brian and i went to citarella. we picked up 2 dozen clams, some fresh italian parsley, mint, zucchini and scallions.

when we got home, i cleaned the clams and began to prep the herbs and vegetables and started to boil the stock for the fregula. the clams were cooked with some garlic, onion, prosciutto with a bit of saffron, wine, stock and tomato sauce. as soon as the fregula was cooked, i tossed it in with the clams — the whole thing looked kind of like a soupy risotto. have a look:

clams with fregula 2clams with fregola

for our vegetables, i kept it pretty simple. i sauteed scallions in olive oil, softening them. i threw in some sliced zucchini and some salt for flavor. a quick sprinkle of mint and it was done:

zucchini and scallions with mintzucchini and scallions with mint

all in all, a pretty good dinner.




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