gobble, gobble.

22 11 2007

happy turkey day.

i’ll be chomping on turkey, but i’ll be dreaming of this:

IMG_5343.jpg i’m waiting for the day when we can eat something other than the almighty turkey. i mean, if today is the day dedicated to caloric overload, i’d like to overload on the calories i think are worth consuming. if thanksgiving were at my house, the menu would probably look something like this:

appetizer: oysters. oysters. oysters. speaking of which, we had some pretty awesome oysters last night — the oysters sat on a bed of truffled mashed potatoes and were topped with a thin slice of beef carpaccio. in truth, we really couldn’t taste the oyster, but it was still pretty awesome.

first course: some kind of light salad with fresh greens. maybe a roasted squash salad with some goat cheese? or a beautiful lobster bisque. the lobster bisque at thalassa is remarkable. so are their scallops.

main course: turkey. but only if it were something like a peking turkey. i would love a nice roasted leg of lamb with lots of garlic and rosemary. some tzatziki on the side. if we’ve got to go with birds, how about a nice roasted guinea hen or a fat, juicy capon? of course, lechon is always a possibility, but i’d have to change my first two courses.

vegetables: i can complain about thanksgiving dinner all i want, but at the end of the day, are the sides really that bad? green bean casserole is pretty good. so are mashed potatoes when they’re done right. and corn pudding!

dessert: pumpkin pie is pretty good, too. maybe we could keep that on the menu, but i’d rather have fruit.




One response

25 11 2007

is this a fo-to of el beans?

and also, mom made a really good corn-rice pudding. tasty!

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