trip to the greenmarket.

10 11 2007

got up this morning to pick up some veggies for tomorrow night’s dinner. i love going to the greenmarket in union square during the fall. yeah, it’s freezing, but you can smell the spiced cider everywhere. here’s a peek at what we got:

bunches of romanesco

romanesco. talk about one fantastically funky looking cauliflower. it’s so cool looking you feel bad cutting it up, roasting it, or making it au gratin. yeah, you feel bad. until you taste it.

purple cauliflower

purple cauliflower
i think this is the only time you’ll ever find purple cauliflower. at least, i haven’t seen it at any other time of year. i buy it, if only for its shocking color.

rows of carrots
i didn’t really buy these carrots. i just thought that all of the colors were pretty.

i did buy these grapes. too bad they were a bit sour. i guess i can put them into a salad.




One response

15 11 2007

i want your camera.
and purple cauliflower! those would make the craziest looking pseudo-mashers taters ever.

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