bacon crème anglaise!

7 11 2007

i finally got to stop by the dessert truck on the corner of 8th and university.

oh, wowee. ten bucks bought me 2 desserts: the molten chocolate cake and the chocolate bread pudding.

dessert truck -- molten chocolate cake
the molten chocolate cake was definitely better than i expected it to be. these days, every restaurant has some molten chocolate something-or-other on its dessert menu. not only was the dessert truck’s version rich, gooey and oozing chocolate ganache, it was topped with roasted and pistachios, sea salt and a bit of olive oil. i didn’t quite notice the olive oil, but there might have been a pinch too much salt.

dessert truck -- chocolate bread pudding with bacon creme anglaisethe chocolate bread pudding was more up my alley. at the end of the day, it’s kind of what you expect — warm and comforting with the added pleasure of bacon crème anglaise. was it bacony? not really. at the end of the day bacon grease smells more bacony than it actually tastes. the bacon grease brings a bit of saltiness to balance the sweet, creamy pudding.

this truck could totally get me to start loving dessert again. . .

more pics of chocolatey goodness posted on my flickr.




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