durian milkshake!

5 11 2007

durian shake! “smells like hell, tastes like heaven.” enjoying the durian is an exercise in tough love. granted, i’ve never had the pleasure of breaking through the thorny shell of the durian fruit. but, like anyone with somewhat normal olfactory senses, i’ve experienced its tear-inducing, oniony, fetid stench. if you watch no reservations or bizarre foods, you can watch the chefs chomping down pods of durian as if they were mango slices.

now, i’m no where near to being an authority on durian. hell, i haven’t even eaten the fruit in its pure form. the first time i had durian anything was in singapore. straits kitchen. durian ice cream for dessert. it smelled like a mix of rotting fruit and old ice cream that had unfortunately been stored in a bag of chopped onions. onion/garlic fumes permeated my nostrils and my tastebuds, then gave way to a sweet creaminess with the muskiness of jackfruit. i had about a 1/3 of the cup and then had to chase it down with some mango ice cream.

tonight was my second encounter with a durian.

we were having dinner at nha trang center with brian’s parents. oddly enough, i still had room for dessert. i saw the durian milkshake on the menu and decided to give it another try. when it arrived, it was like deja vu. but this time, i discovered that if you let the shake sit on your tongue a little bit, the onion fumes subside pretty quickly. that said, the sip and wait technique requires a lot of patience. i got through about 1/3 of the shake.

and then i chased the flavor out of my mouth with a sip of brian’s jackfruit shake.

i think i’ll need to try the real deal before i swear off durian completely.




One response

12 11 2007

That shake smelled like my litter box!!!

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