sleepy, but can’t sleep.

11 09 2007

in brazil. stuffed with a rare rumpsteak and pao de queijo.

can’t sleep. had a tylenol pm induced rest last night on the overnight flight to brazil. and here i am in my hotel room, restless.

so is life. i think i ate too much for dinner at figueira.




2 responses

15 09 2007

did you also have caipiroska to go with the steak???
lol – i’d kill for a pao de queijo right now… and some guarana to wash it down…
you’d think I was hungry but I just ate a HUGE rib eye gaby barbecued… (parrilla sorry afterall he is a porteno)….

x m

16 09 2007

had a standard caipirinha. . .but only one. i have an unfortunate allergy to sugar-based alcohols.

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