holy hazelnuts!

9 09 2007

my low/no carb diet is on hold today:

breakfast/lunch: blt burger. lamb merguez burger, medium rare. parmesian zucchini fritters. beer-battered potato gaufrettes (try finding the potato in the golden, beer battered crust — awesome). boylan’s cane cola to wash it all down.

dinner: neapolitan wood fired pizza from some place that had a sign that said something like naples pizza on carmine street. pizza diavolo — hot sopressata, red chile flakes for heat. arugula salad with a shaved parmesan. glass of barbera.

on the way home, we stopped by murray’s cheese. they make the best meatballs — super juicy and stuffed with mozarella. i also gave into my cravings and picked up a pint of capogiro artisan’s bacio gelato. rich chocolate and hazelnut gelato studded with roasted hazelnuts. i’m eating it as i type this!

this is enough to send my diet to hell.




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