so tired.

12 07 2007

christ, i’m getting old.

i remember way back in the day (ilke last year) i could pull late nights in a row and bounce back unphased. you could probably throw a late night of partying into the mix with late nights of work and i’d still be able to pull through it.

don’t know what the hell happened here. stayed up late last night finishing up something at work. got home at 4-ish. i’m wiped. i feel like a freaking zombie.

speaking of zombies, this article from the onion is hysterical.

the zombie diet is definitely low carb. perfect! i’ll definitely be able to squeeze my fat ass into my dress for october. here’s the food pyramid:

food pyramid for zombies

the diet is heavy on brains, which may pose a possible mad cow risk. but oh the possibilities! brain stew, deep fried brains, brain soup. at the end of the day, any animal’s brains taste like sweatbreads, but have the consistency of scrambled eggs.

jeez, i’m tired.




One response

14 11 2010
Round Kitchen ·

the food pyramid always calls for low fat high fiber diets, that is why i always stick into it :;.

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