we are nerds.

5 07 2007

from empire mag

a pretty good day — saw transformers. kicked ass!

i hate michael bay, but damn, this movie was good. was it the story? no. typical michael bay schlock, down to the cornball jokes and oooh-awe explosions and “empathy shots” where innocent bystanders are completely surrounded by fighting. was it the transformers? oh, yeah. the animation was crazy. i can’t explain it, but the transformers transformed the right way. from the swiveling and the parts flipping around as they transformed from cars to robots, they got it right. you could see that they spent a lot of time trying to make the parts move the same way the original toys did. they accomplished it, and dare i say it, made it better.

in some ways, i guess it was kind of like watching a muppet movie — you kind of tune out when the humans start speaking. i was expecting to be disappointed. i mean, we own transformers, the animated movie, on both vhs and dvd. the cartoon was on every morning at 7:30, right after g.i. joe. i’d watch the cartoons and jump in the car with mom and go to school. brian also has a whole section of the breakfront dedicated to his transformer toys. and we’re making room for all of the new toys he’s planning to buy.

we are nerds. can’t help it. did i mention that i love bumblebee? although i would have preferred the jolie laide old school camaro. (yes, i know in the cartoon he was a vw bug.)

bumblebee and prime — from cinemaweb.com




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