life is short. eat more fried chicken.

3 07 2007


i eat fried chicken once a week. i can’t help it. especially since dirty bird to-go opened up about a year ago. seriously, they make the best fried chicken in nyc. hands down. the free range birds are antibiotic free, with none of those kfc uber-growth superchicken hormones.

the chickens are dipped in buttermilk and fried until the outsides are coated in a crunchy crust and the inside chicken is super moist. i was cursing myself tonight because i forgot to specify all dark meat. lucky for me, brian graciously ate the white meat — see comments below. the boring, dried out, white meat. don’t get me wrong. their fried chicken breast is as good as it gets. for white meat.

tonight, we also had the chopped salad with buttermilk dressing. dirty bird also has great sides — the dirty rice, garlic kale, and roasted broccoli with butter are always solid. on the rare occasion that i’m not feeling the fried chicken, the chicken fingers are also rock. but frankly, it’s rare that i don’t want fried chicken.

i’m sure i order from them a lot because it’s possible to order all that lovin’ fried chicken goodness online. of course, i only discovered this after i accidently went to a porn site unfortunately named dirty bird. look it up if you think i’m lying. can’t wait for next week’s chicken binge. but until then, here’s the menu:

dirty bird menu




2 responses

3 07 2007

i HATES the WHITE meat. I ate it because lisa would not and that was my dinner. The rest was hers. She got the nice juicy thighs and leg. Spoiley.

5 07 2007

yah, boy!

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