30 06 2007

just got back from a big dinner at gusto. this is 2 days in a row of dinner at gusto.

yesterday, we had the crudo misto and something else. . .can’t remember the other appetizer. the crudo is exceptionally good. sliced scallops with some kind of lemon vinagrette, tuna tartare and mackarel carpaccio. for dinner i had rack of baby lamb with polenta. brian had the grilled lobster. killer. for dessert, i had the tiramisu. they make it to order there. awesome; super creamy. brian had the three peach granitas and sorbets — white peach granita, yellow californian peach granita on top of peach sorbet. really light and fresh.

tonight, we kicked it off with the zucchini and cherry tomato salad with smoked mozarella and olives. we also had the porcini mushrooms from oregon served atop polenta drizzled with truffle oil, as well as the roasted oysters. for dinner, i had the duck with broccoli rabe; brian had the lobster risotto (notice the pattern here?), followed by the cherry soap and fried venetian cream for dessert.

the venetian cream was awesome. they were like two fried cream donuts topped with a strawberry rhubarb compote. we chased it down with a caffe corretto. consider us completely stuffed.

leaving for karaoke in 20 minutes. gotta unstuff my gut because it’s pressing on my diaphragm.




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