bankers are the shittiest tippers.

24 06 2007

it is absolutely beautiful tonight.  i was able to leave work early tonight and grab dinner with brian. 

we went to bao — ironpot chicken, pho, truffled tuna tartare spring rolls, shrimp summer rolls, short ribs.  awesome as always.

there were four outdoor tables.  we managed to snag one.  next to us were these two girls, one of whom had the most annoying voice.  her voice wasn’t entirely nasal, but she had this ridiculous inflection that tried to convey prestige.  i’m pretty good at figuring out people’s accents.  she smacked of faux.

and then we overheard her say something about “being hired by goldman last may.”  brian eyes immediately rolled up into his head. 

it’s funny — i don’t think either girl finished her food.  the annoying girl had the noodles, her friend had the steak.  what a waste!  too add insult to injury, they were shitty tippers.  after they left, brian sneaked a peek at their bill.  they left 15% on the button!  crazy. . .the bill was $40.  each girl left $3.50.  i guess it’s not so bad. . .i guess i really just think that goldman sucks.




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