some pretty bad eatin’.

21 06 2007

no electric (still!) and late nights at works makes for some pretty bad eating.

this week’s food has been pretty uneventful:

monday: can’t remember what i had for lunch or dinnner.

tuesday: lunch was probably a soup from pret a manger. sufficient, yet boring. dinner was scraps from someone else’s kung pao chicken. am really happy that i didn’t have any of the sorry looking eggplant in garlic sauce.

wednesday: some coldcuts from a deli tray in my meeting — salami, pastrami, some roast beef. i’ll bet it was boar’s head. again, sufficient, yet boring. for dinner, corned beef and cabbage from o’casey’s. soggy.

thursday: hot bar from food trends for lunch — some horrible southwest turkey meatballs, zucchini stuffed with beef bolognese, some green bean salad. salty scallops with chinese long beans and mashed celery root. would have been good, if not for the salt.

food this bad makes me want to run home and slurp up the saccharin goodness of the starter wife. i think i’ll settle for a glass of wine.




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