we have no power.

18 06 2007

figuratively, that might be true.

but literally, there is no power in the front part of our house.

we woke up on sunday with no juice. and of course, this happens on fathers’ day — all of the electricians in the city were off celebrating with their families. i spent the day stressing about how i was going to cook fathers’ day dinner for brian’s family. eesh.

angel, the super, came by at around 5:30. he checked all of the circuits. apparently, the wiring is all wacky. turns out the back part of the apartment is actually wired to the building directly behind us. so on wednesday, the electricians are going to come in and rewire our apartment.

i guess this means my electric bill is going to double. we grabbed some extension cords and managed to hook up the tv, cable, and refrigerator to the outlet in the bedroom that works. somebody call 911.

as for fathers’ day dinner, we had a lovely dinner outside. we grilled a bunch of meat — some skirt steak marinated in olive oil, lemon, thyme and rosemary, veal chops, angus rib eye, and lamb ribs. i blanched the peas to make a salad in hot water that i boiled in the coffee pot (plugged it into the outdoor socket), and i sautéed the radishes with butter onn a metal pan over the grill. urban camping at its finest.




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