the club across from our house

17 06 2007

it’s called love, and i don’t know if it’s oddly appropriate, or strangely banal.

i opt for banal.

it is subterranean — the $15 cover per person doesn’t promise much. i think i still have a spermatazoa that glows under black light indelibly inked on my right wrist. no black lights in the apartment, so i can’t see it. frankly, right now, i don’t think i can type. eeesh.

all i know is this. i’ve been inside the club across the street from my alley. the house music is what it is. the drink prices are typical club prices.

but they know who we are and where we live. and that makes all the blessed difference in the world.




One response

18 06 2007

wow. just re-read this post. and corrected the embarassing typos. wowee.

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