06.09.07: brian’s birthday picnic

10 06 2007

forget paris. i have my notes in my notebook, but unfortunately, i will not have the time to share it with all of you.

we threw a picnic last night for brian’s birthday. it was the first time i’d cooked in weeks. what we served:

1) lamb marinated in yogurt, mint, thyme and lemon
2) skirt steak dressed only with rock salt and pepper
3) fresh pea salad in a yogurt and mint sauce
4) creamed corn with bacon
5) heirloom tomatos sliced and dressed with a garlic vinaigrette
6) fruit salad of apricots, white peaches, strawberries and grapes dressed with white wine, triple sec, and lemon

oh! forgot about the appetizers: wasabi tobiko and cod roe with creme fraiche from russ & daughters and cheese from murray’s (kunik, pleasant ridge, roquefort).

after a day shelling peas, stripping corn, and marinating meat, i couldn’t figure out why the grill wouldn’t light. talk about frustation. thankfully, martin, heidi’s husband, saved us.

so stupid, but who knew that you had to clean the grill? i didn’t.

here’s what else i didn’t know about my trusty weber grill — apparently you can control the heat because of the vent under the gril. it’s the same vent that the ash drops down through.

martin did a fantastic job grilling the meats up — and even better, he made a lovely sauce for the steak from the drippings with a little bit of red wine and yogurt.

all in all, a good time. with good wine.




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