not eating so well. . .

3 05 2007


here’s a list of the dinners i’ve had this week:

monday: mac ‘n cheese with bacon and peas. p.j. clarke’s. neither as good nor as satisfying as brian and i remembered it to be.

tuesday: duck confit and peas. we usually have some vacuum-sealed duck legs in the fridge from citarella. i throw it in the toaster oven for 8 minutes or so to warm it while i microwave the peas.

wednesday: got home late. couldn’t do duck again, so i had a packet of instant mi goreng that georgia gave to me, like, months ago. 3 minutes in boiling water. threw an egg in so i could pretend to be nutritious. i think that the regular japanese ramen might be healthier.

i think the only way my body could hate me more is if i subsisted on a diet of cream puffs and doritos.




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