04.13.07-04.14.07: hotel costes bar

23 04 2007

l’hotel costes

Originally uploaded by life’s a gasp.

after all of that eating, we decided to check out the bar at the hotel costes.

the hotel costes is a nice foil to the meurice. when you enter, you’re engulfed by the darkness with only red lights to guide you. in the center, the restaurant atrium. to the left across a narrow hallway, the bar.

we had a couple of drinks. an armagnac. the costes connection made with the hotel costes liqueur and cognac — it tasted like vicks 44d. not so good. the liqueur is made of herbs and red fruits. herbs + red fruits equals cough meds.

we ordered a glass of champagne. i think we were people watching and just chilling with the music. as we finished our glasses, two more glasses appeared! we finished those glasses and asked for the check.

we got the check, and two more glasses of champagne came with it! that’s like a bottle of champagne. free. at the hotel costes bar.

all in all, a good night.




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