a beautiful day in nyc. . .

22 04 2007

let’s stay in the present before i dive back into my memories of paris.

today was absolutely stunning. a little warmer today than yesterday.

grabbed a facial at katy’s face spa in chinatown. very low-key spa. the room is cordoned off by curtains, so it’s not the most private spa experience. but in terms of quality of the service and expertise, it was absolutely wonderful. my skin looks and feels fantastic. i hope it stays that way for a while.

brian picked me up. we walked around for a little bit thinking about where we wanted to eat for dinner. we ended up at bao 111. i love bao — i was craving asian food, so bao completely hit the spot. we had the grilled octopus salad — the octopus had been dusted with a spicy sambal. the bits of grapefruit worked as a fruity foil for the mollusk. we also split the frog legs appetizer. frog legs dusted with flour, fried and served with a garlic aoili? perfect.

for our main dishes, brian had the shrimp curry. i had the lambchop crusted with lemongrass served with green beans. at the end of the meal, we decided that we were still hungry, so we ordered the pork satay for dessert. christ, i’m stuffed.

the pork satay was served with the best sticky rice and lap cheong i’ve had in awhile. the rice was sticky with slightly crisp edges. it was doused with soy sauce with slices of sweet, savory lap cheong balancing out the salt.

i’m ready to pass out now.




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