04.13.07: marathon eat-fest in paris ii.

22 04 2007

café flor

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we did take a break from all of the eating, albeit not a long one. we did a lot of walking from the place des victoires to the louvre. at the louvre we picked up the metro back to st. germain.

i was lugging back two bottles of cognac. one was a champagne cognac from 1976 made by grosperin for brian. the other was a younger cognac for dad. the st. germain metro stop let’s you off at the boulevard st. germain. directly behind the stop is the one of the oldest churches in paris, the church of st. germain.

we went inside — very simple in comparison to notre dame, and in need of repair.

back outside of the church, there was an asian street performer balancing a glass ball. eileen wondered if he had ever dropped the glass ball. i dared her to pinch his ass and make him drop it. she wouldn’t.

we still had quite a bit of time to kill before our dinner at ze kitchen gallerie. so we stopped by café flor. i had a kir, eileen had the coupe flor: a scoop of chocolate, a scoop of caramel nougatine, and a scoop of pear sorbet topped with whipped cream. holy hell! it looked really good. i didn’t get a good look at it, much less a picture because it disappeared into eileen’s tummy in no time.

passed out before dinner

Originally uploaded by life’s a gasp.

we made it back to the hotel. eileen passed out, in a food coma from the coupe flor.

two hours later, we made our way to ze kitchen galerie. the restaurant is located in the 6th, not far from st. michel. the food was amazing! perhaps some of the best food we ate while we were in paris. the cuisine is contemporary spin on french. eileen was still full from café flor, so she settled on a dish of pasta. the dish sounded simple — macaroni with shrimp and asparagus in a lemongrass broth. the macaroni, shrimp and asparagus sat on top of a purée of basil.

i decided to order the duck confit. thin moist pieces of duck breast topped with salty pieces of crispy duck skin. on the side, paper thin slices of foie gras rolled into roses. at the base holding the dish together? a red sauce made of beetroot and ginger. absolutely heavenly. the foie melted in my mouth like butter. the duck was perfectly juicy; chewy, without being stringy. it was so good i was tempted to blow off saturday’s lunch at robuchon and go back.




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23 04 2007

Have to remember this restaurant in case we go back to Paris.

I never get tired of going to Paris.

When I was in Chicago, I had to be in NYC as often. Now that I’m in NYC, ‘have to be in Paris – and of couse NYC.

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