quick break from paris. it’s singapore day in nyc!

21 04 2007

i’m taking a break from all the posts on paris so that i can actually post something in real time.

in a city that prides itself on the quality of its culinary offerings and the sheer number of options available for the humble eater, the non-singaporeans were taken aback by the complexity of singaporean street food. the smell of the salted fish and soy permeated the air. today was the first ever singapore day in nyc.

sponsored by the overseas singapore unit and corporations like singapore airlines, the festival brought the city-state’s top hawkers to nyc for a day of singaporean culture and FOOD!!!!!!!!

the lines were crazy. the line for chile crab and chicken rice was super long. not even worth it (especially since i actually prefer the black pepper crab). i would have loved to have some chicken rice, but c’est la vie. k. f. seetoh, the founder and editor of singapore’s guide to eating, makansutra, was there preparing seafood fried rice and chili crabs. even in the most basic preparation, the back bone of singaporean cuisine is salted fish and chiles. i watched seetoh make fried rice, tossing in a bit of crushed anchovies into the rice for flavor and texture. i noticed jeffrey steingarten watching seetoh cook up a storm.

it was pretty hot out, maybe too hot for soup. but i enjoyed the bak kut teh. pork ribs grilled in a broth flavored with garlic and pepper. i also enjoyed the fried carrot cake. it’s not really made of carrots — for some reason white radish is considered to be a carrot. i normally not a huge fan of satay, but i have to say, i had the best satay. the chicken was cut into cubes, which remained juicy even after the grilling. normally, the flat slab that you get at restaurants in the city is a dried piece of crap that you dip into the peanut sauce. the sauce was also quite incredible. nutty and sweet, the satay sauce complemented the smokiness of the chicken.

i’ll take this over an nyc dirty water dog any day. oh, yeah. and did i mention that the food and the registration was free?




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7 06 2007

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10 06 2007

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