04.12.07: la tour d’eiffel

13 04 2007

i almost chickened out at the second level.

as we rose up, up, up above the city of paris, we could feel the ascent. both eileen and i have a fear of heights. mine is definitely much more acute. with all of the people shoving, i was ready to just call it a day and wait for eileen on the second level.

eileen was in line; i watched the line make the slow creep to the summit elevator and started to acclimate myself to the height. so i jumped back in line.

the line moved slowly, so we amused ourselves by laughing at the really old people trying to cut the line. it was like geriatric gymnastics. climbing over, swinging under — i’ll bet those oldies hadn’t moved their bodies like that in years.

some other funny observations: old asian women are shovers. it could be the buffet line in vegas or the line for the eiffel tower. doesn’t matter.

so we made it to the top of the eiffel tower. amazing view of the city. for a city filled with green spaces, unless it’s a wide open field, you’re not going to see the green. paris looked compact, all beige buildings pressed together by street angles. other beautiful sights? the fourteen-year-olds on a field trip making out at the top.




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