04.12.07: bar fontainebleau, hotel meurice

13 04 2007

i decided to take eileen to the bar fontainebleau at the hotel meurice.

beautiful old hotel — i think it was built in the 1800s. i think someone told me that during the occupation, the nazis took over the hotel and made it into their paris hq.

they might have thought that we were hookers at the hotel. kind of funny. they hesitated at first when we asked for directions to the bar and i think i distinctly heard a hushed prostituee. i think.

anyway, all perceptions were easily dispelled when we placed our order. funny how that works.

i ordered a meurice millenium. i know, it is 7 years past the turning of the new millenium, but what the hell. rose champagne, jus de rose, and cointreau. eileen had la fontainebleau: calvados, apple juice, and get vert. we also ordered a small plate of appetizers: an amazing ravioli that was simply prawn tartare in a prawn gelee, a pea soup that does not sound exceptional unless you were there to taste it, some gnocchi with asparagus in a buttery foam, and an anchovy salad.

the dessert tasting plate was also amazing: pistachio eclairs, little mini cakes with cherries, a rose flavored marshmallow topped with a fresh strawberry, and the coconut macarons. for the finish, i had a glass of armagnac, darroze 1978.

i’ve got a pic of the savory plate, but, alas! we devoured the dessert once it arrived!




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