i am stuffed.

6 04 2007

monday night: dinner at wd-50. pretty good. loved the beef tongue, but doesn’t everyone?

tuesday night: pan roasted pompano with puttanesca sauce. i guess it’s my version of what a puttanesca sauce is. two tomatoes, a chopped onion, few cloves of chopped garlic, some chopped roasted peppers (i cheated and bought 1/2 pound a citarella), some olives, 3 or 4 anchovy filets and some dried pepper flakes. savory + salt first — sauteed the garlic, onion, red pepper flakes. threw in the anchovies for a little bit, and then the tomatos and roast peppers. oh, yeah. threw in some white wine for good measure.

brian got home a little late and made a snack of the pompano. he might have also eaten the fish for breakfast.

wednesday night: ate the leftover pompano.

thursday night: brian brought back some turkish curry powder that he had bought at the spice market in istanbul. i haven’t gotten around to using it until now. i browned some chicken in ghee, set it aside. sauteed some onions and garlic in a pan, added the curry powder. threw in some salt and dried hot pepper flakes. added some water, white wine, and the chicken. after the liquid started boiling, i threw the pan in the oven and cooked the chicken slowly at 350-degrees.

friday night: well, we had a disastrous lunch at morandi’s. god awful. talk about soul-less italian food! and the ambience! christ! i felt like i had walked into one of the epcot global village restaurants — welcome to southern italy, suckas! but i digress. we were so unsatisfied with the meal, we ran to citarella and bought groceries for dinner. we bought some scallops with their roe. i think i’ll fry that up tomorrow. but for tonight’s dinner, we found a lobster that was almost 3lbs.!

i’ve always been a little scared of killing my own meal. i’ve never gone hunting. the only prey i’ve killed are soft shell crabs (death by sautee) and uni (death by evisceration). the damn lobster was too long. i practically had to fold him in half and stuff him into the boiling water. a little blanched broccolini tossed with lemon and olive oil to accompany and voila! fifteen minutes later, we were in lobster heaven.

we finished the meal with some cheese for dessert. we found an australian triple cream called seal something-or-other. the texture and flavor is brie-like, but there’s something in the milk. paired perfectly with a glass of corbieres.

enough eating for now. next week, i’ll be in paris with eileen, so who knows what i’ll devour!




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