my (not so) new favorite show.

26 03 2007

i’m a little obsessed with bizarre foods on the travel channel. it’s hosted by a rotund, bald guy named andrew zimmern who bears a striking resemblance to brian’s friend, uncle chuck.

uncle chuck

come to think of it, he also looks strangely like george “machine gun” kelly, the chicago mobster.

george “machine gun” kelly

anyway, the show is fantastic. zimmern is a gourmand who will devour most anything. some of his featured local delicacies aren’t surprising — balut in the philippines, moroccan kefta, possum on the gulf coast. but his unabashed fearlessness when it comes to the more daring of the foodstuffs (usually rodent, phylum arthropoda, or some kind of funky offal), he is absolutely fearless. he sighs in appreciation over a course of bull testes freshly prepared in spain. by the same token, when he runs into a dish that disagrees with him, like the k’lia he had for breakfast in morocco, he’s never disrespectful. he’s honest.

i have to admit, i’m a little envious of the man. to get travel to exotic places and really dig in and sample all of the obscure foods that are a little hard to come by? life’s rough.




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