bars i went to in singapore.

4 02 2007

1. long bar, raffles hotel: home of the singapore sling. cheesy band upstairs with people gyrating awkwardly and enthusiastically.

2. exhibition, swisshotel: drinks at an ear-popping height above the city (72 floors!). crazy views.

3. la cave, somewhere 2 blocks away from exhibition: outdoor drinks. went with a couple of guys from my program and a friend of theirs who is a steward on quantas. lots of airline personnel around.

4. harry’s bar, boat quay: two guys from the jazz music session of the program were playing at the bar. went with some of the guys from my program, and met up with sheau lih, who used to work at the y&r singapore office.

5. brix, grand hyatt: subterranean bar/club at the hotel. the moment some song called “spank me” came on, the entire vibe changed and the hos were out in full force — they were lingering in the background over lonely glasses of wine, but when the song came on, it was like some unspoken code to seal the deal.




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