the elusive mangosteen.

31 01 2007

no longer elusive.

finally had one on thursday night. actually, i had two. words simply cannot describe the flavor. not because it was super good and i’m embellishing (it was, though), but i really cannot find the words to describe the flavor.

the last night of the conference, they split us up by company — y&r with y&r, wunderman with wunderman, etc. after the dinner, we crashed the wunderman dinner at straits kitchen. there were fruits on the table, jackfruit, dragonfruit, rambutan, and mangosteen!

the mangosteen looks somewhat like a round eggplant, about the size of a tennis ball. you have to put a small slit into the side and kind of push the shell open. it gives quite easily to pressure, but you need to be careful not to squeeze to hard because the purple shell is filled with a plummy colored juice that stains hands and fabric.

inside the shell looks like a whole bulb of garlic. the fruit is cream colored and in sections like an orange. one or two of the of the sections has the seed. the flavor is slightly tart, but the tart quickly turns to sweet.

this post really isn’t expressing the enthusiasm with which i devoured not one, but two of the fruits.

pic of me with my two mangosteens a little later. i’m waiting for someone to send it to me.




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