singapore, 01.24.07

24 01 2007

wow. wasn’t able to fill you in on yesterday. all i can say is duck, duck, duck, more duck, and lobster @ min jiang on robertson. fantastic meal.

had an even more mind-blowing eat fest today. but first, i had two hours free, so i ran off to chinatown and little india. i was surprised at how small the chinatown is, considering how large the chinese population is in singapore. but then again, maybe that’s the reason why.

the sri mariamman temple is truly amazing. deities around loom down at you from the rooftop. a little scary.

food street was also truly mindblowing. i had to have something from one of the hawker stalls, so i stopped and had some carrot cake. it’s not really made of carrots and it’s not really a cake (at least the singaporean version of it isn’t). it’s more like a scramble of daikon radish with eggs and prawns. awesome. i couldn’t finish it because i had to save room for dinner later.

little india was also fascinating — i loved the stalls where they sold indian desserts and the indian flower garlands.

but on to the good stuff. had dinner this evening at jumbo seafood. the big name in seafood. chowed on chili crabs — dungeness crab cooked with a chili curry sauce. kick ass. fatty crab has nothing on this place, sorry to say. also had black pepper crabs, some kang kong with a spicy sambal, rice, of course (needed something to through the chili sauce on top of). good eating all around.

pictures posted on booger flickr.




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