in singapore. . .

21 01 2007

just got in after 18 hours — nyc to london to singapore.

can’t wait to see my american airlines miles after this journey.

my flight was delayed by an hour in nyc, so i missed my british airways flight to singapore. i have to say, flying first class does have its privileges. there was someone to meet me in london once the flight landed and she escorted me to my new flight on quantas.

even better, though my luggage didn’t make it to singapore with me, the airline gave me $200 singapore dollars to spend on clothing (app. $130 usd). that rocked. so i won’t look completely awful tomorrow.

my cousin, monette, met me at my hotel. i haven’t seen her in over a decade. i feel horrible — i dragged her up and down orchard road searching for clothing for tomorrow. in my search for replacement clothing, i did get to explore quite a bit of the area around my hotel. i’m staying at the four seasons (airfare and hotel not on my dime, so i’m not complaining). i had heard that singaporeans are nuts about two things: shopping and food. damn! saw the shopping because my hotel is right next to orchard road, which is a shopping mecca. name the designer and he or she probably has an outpost on orchard road. lots of goodies to be bought.

the cost of clothing is less here than it is at home. the cost of cosmetics, however, is inflated. i passed by a drugstore selling revlon mascara for $17 singapore/$11 usd. talk about highway robbery!

i ended the evening with dinner at the hotel in the restaurant. grilled prawns, broccoli. pretty good, particularly since the prawns were crawling around in a tank minutes before they set them on the grill.

and so ends day 1.

dinner with monette at 190 in the four seasons.




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